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Since this property borders the green swamp and there is no county sewage out here, the developer will be designing something and leaving it up to the HOA to manage.  When asked about sewage at the community meeting, the developer stated that they would put a lift station somewhere near where Denali Drive (off of Lakeshore) ends, then pump the stuff uphill (65 feet!) and underneath County Road 561 all the way to another private sewage treatment plant they own behind Pine Ridge Elementary school.  Thats over a mile as the crow (or Bald Eagle) flies!


It would look something like this!

It would look something like this!


This raises more questions than it answers!

Who is responsible for a break in the line?

And who is responsible for which sections of the system as it passes over County and someone else’s private property?

What happens to the road during construction?

What does the HOA do if a problem occurs that is not on their property?

And what about the 100 year floodplain and the location of the lift station?

And have you been to an HOA meeting?!!