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The owner of the property, Mr. Abbas Sassanfar, is not a Lake County, nor a Florida, nor even a U.S. resident.  Think he has a vested interest in what is left behind after he is long gone?  Not a chance.


And his partner the Orlando developer proudly said at the community meeting that “Its all about the money”.  Hmm.  Apple business guru Guy Kawasaki talks about making meaning with your company, not just making money.


So since its all about the money, lets look at the math.  The developer says he can sell 200 homes at $350,000 each (or more for the waterfront ones).  (Interesting that this number jumped up $100,000 from last year, for the same size houses on 60 foot lots).  Anyhow, that equates to $7 million in profit if you use the National Association of Home Builders profit estimations.  While that is decidedly better than the $600,000 or so he could get from abiding by the current land use rules, what does it gain us, the local residents?  The foreign owner and the Orlando builder get to split a $6.5 million windfall if this vote passes, and the Lake County residents nearby are left with the increased traffic, noise, danger, loss of wildlife, etc.  Does that seem like a fair deal?