The battle over the Green Swamp is heating up yet again.  On Feb 23, 2021 the Central Florida Sand Mine Association is making yet another attempt at removing restrictions on mining in the Green Swamp.  Their request to amend Comprehensive Plan Policy 1-4.2.1 from adhering to open space requirements effectively puts the entire Green Swamp in play for sand mining.  See what the Orlando Sentinel had to to say about this last time they attempted it, and a noted Florida environmentalist has to say about it now –  then email your Lake County Commissioners below to let them know how you feel: Commissioner Shields –, Commissioner Campione –, Commissioner Parks –, Commissioner Smith –, Commissioner Blake –

And for those of you who got together to help kill Lake Nellie Crossing – thank you!!!


The following paragraph pertains to a battle we lost in 2019 and are now fighting at the state level…The below image shows a zoning change to allow subdivisions within the boundaries of the Green Swamp. Existing homes are noted by the blue number 1. The images with the numbers 14 and 15 show 29 homes squeezed into the usable acres (the rest of their 284 acre parcel is swamp land). We are asking the community if this is how we envision the future of the Green Swamp – 1 home every 5 or 10 acres, or subdivisions sprinkled throughout the Green Swamp, with a net increase of 1500 homes with wells and septic tanks? (By reworking the zoning, they have gone from 6 homes on the property to 29.  If this passes, other developers will quickly follow…) You can read what the Orlando Sentinel thinks about this issue here

Welcome to  This website was developed by residents of South Lake County who are concerned about the uncontrolled high density housing growth in our area.  We have recently been battling a rezoning of the southwest corner of Sawmill Lake which would increase the density of that land by 20 fold, from rural to a crowded subdivision, but other issues have arisen in the interim (see below). 

What has actually been proposed?

Please click the following link to see a PDF file from the most recent community meeting held by the developer: Community Meeting Flyer 2015

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What can you do about it?